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Benefits of Villa Living

Learn more about our luxury villa homes with custom designs and selections, our exclusive villa communities, and how you can start living a low-maintenance villa lifestyle. Explore villa homes for sale in Fort Wayne and other surrounding areas.

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New Home Construction Process

Seeing your home in its final stages is exciting, but knowing all that went into it is also important in fully appreciating the finished product. After approving your blueprints and finalizing decorating selections, our team will begin pulling permits and preparing the paperwork necessary to break ground on your new home. These are the eight basic steps of the new home construction process after breaking ground.

Ways to "Design for All" When Building A New Home

Despite many misconceptions about aging in place, Design for All and ergonomics can be utilized all throughout the home, preparing for anything in the future – keeping it as a home that everyone will love to be welcomed into for many years.

10 Essential Winter Home Tips

It's beginning to cool down and now is the perfect time to get your home prepped for the winter months ahead. You will be happy you did this before the extreme cold weather hits!

3 Basic Types of Lighting

Proper lighting can have a significant impact on how you feel in a space, and each space may call for a variety of different lighting requirements. A good lighting setup combines different kinds of lighting to create a welcoming space where you can easily work or relax. There are three basic types of lighting you should layer in a room in order to accomplish this: Ambient lighting, Accent lighting, Task lighting. Let’s take a better look at these different types.

Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index Score in New Homes

There are many great reasons to learn more about the Home Energy Rating System. You will know how to compare the energy performance of a home to others in the market, and know the projected energy costs of living in a new home. Granite Ridge Builders has each of our homes inspected and energy rated by a nationally certified professional energy specialist. Granite Ridge Builders continues to show improvement in our average HERS Index scores. Become an energy smart homebuyer and learn more about the HERS Index.

10 Benefits of a New Construction Home

New construction homes offer more benefits than ever before including the ability to personalize the details from the layout, flooring and cabinets to the lighting and paint colors. New homes also have an added benefit of being energy efficient, resulting in lower monthly utility bills.