3 Basic Types of Lighting

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Ambient Lighting

General or ambient lighting is intended to light up a room in its entirety, to provide a uniform level of illumination throughout the space, independently of other lighting sources. The ambient light ‘bounces’ off the walls to illuminate as much space as possible.

Types of fixtures that can provide general ambient lighting:

• Chandelier
• Ceiling mounted fixture
• Wall-mounted fixture
• Recessed fixture and/or LED downlights
• Track light
• Floor lamp
• Table lamp

Task Lighting

Task lighting sheds light on the tasks a person carries out in a given space such as reading, cooking, computer work, for which a brighter light is required in a smaller focal point of the room.

For a more pleasant lighting, it is often best to avoid harsh lights or lighting that casts troublesome shadows. It is also practical to install a single switch for focal lighting, independent from the room’s overall lighting switch. Types of fixtures that can provide task lighting:

• Directional gimbal recessed fixture or downlight
• Pendant light
• Slim line bar and undercabinet
• Portable or desk lamp

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used mainly to focus on a specific point of interest or to achieve a desired effect. This type of lighting gives the impression of a larger room; it is more frequently used to highlight an architectural feature, a plant (in outdoor layout), artwork, a sculpture, or a collection of objects. Types of fixtures that can provide accent lighting:

• Track light
• Slim line bar and undercabinet
• Directional recessed fixture or downlight
• Wall-mounted fixtures

We often start designing our lighting plan with ambient lighting and then go on to identifying the areas where there will be a need for accent lighting. Our Design Coordinators are happy to help with designing your lighting plan for your new home.